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The documents and websites listed below may prove useful to anyone interested in learning more about the history of speech and language technology.

Janet M. Baker (Saras Institute/Dibner Institute at MIT), "Milestones in Speech Technology - Past and Future!"
Article published in Speech Technology Magazine, September/October 2005.

Eirovamp (Voice Adapted Multipurpose Prepherals) maintains a web site which includes tutorials on the basic principals and history of speech recognition and synthesis. From their Home page, click on "Training" to get to the tutorial menu.

The web site "comp.speech Frequently Asked Questions" provides a myriad of links to sites dealing with the various aspects of speech technology.

Special Workshop in Maui (SWIM): Lectures by Masters in Speech Processing, January 11-14, 2004, included a series of papers by senior researchers on various aspects of the history of speech technology. A "Program Guide" with summaries of these "Peer Lectures" is available at:

IEEE History Center has created (with the aid of a Sloane Foundation Grant) a website on Automatic Speech Synthesis & Recognition which includes interviews with seminal contributers (under "Archives") to speech technology an other relevant materials.

The American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), founded in 1979, includes on their website an variety of materials on the history of speech technology.

The Smithsonian Speech Synthesis History Project (SSSHP) provides a collection of tape recordings, technical records and artifacts of speech synthesis technology from 1922 to the mid-1980s.

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