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Interviews have been conducted with the following seminal contributors to the development of speech and language technology:

Baker, James K. (Dragon Systems)

Baker, Janet M. (Dragon Systems)

Clark, Grame M. (Individual page in preparation)

Fant, Gunnar (KTH, Sweden) (Historical perspective available)

Flanagan, James L. (Bell Laboratories; Rutgers University) (Historical perspective available)

Fujisaki, Hiroya (University of Tokyo)

Furui, Sadaoki (NTT, University of Tokyo)

Haton, Jean-Paul (Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy, France)

Hess, Wolfgang (Individual page in preparation)

Huang, Xuedong (XD) (Microsoft)

Itakura, Fumitada (NTT, Nagoya University - Retired)

Jelinek, Frederick (IBM, Johns Hopkins)

Karttunen, Lauri (Palo Alto Research Center)

Labov, William (University of Pennsylvania)

Mariani, Joseph (Technology Directorate, France)

Millar, Bruce (Australian National University, CSIRO)

Moore, Roger (RSRE, UK)

Murveit, Hy (Individual page in preparation)

Perkell, Joseph S. (RLE, MIT)

Pols, Louis (University of Amsterdam, Institute of Phonetic Sciences)

Smith, Caldwell P. (Individual page in preparation)

Sorokin, Victor (Speech Research Group, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Stevens, Kenneth (RLE, MIT)

Talkin, David (Google)

Trancoso, Isabel (INESC, Lisboa, Portugal)

Weinstein, Clifford (Information Systems Technology Group, Lincoln Laboratories)

Wellekens, Chris (Philips Res. Lab.)

Young, Steve (Cambridge Univ., UK)

Zaenan, Annie (Palo Alto Research Center)

History of Speech and Language Technology Project, Saras Institute / c/o Janet Baker, 173 Highland Street, West Newton, MA 02465 USA

Email: <Janet_Baker AT email DOT com>